We do our best to keep our customers happy with our services, so here are a few informative points that will help keep everything running smoothly. As you know we have VERY competitive rates, so in order to maintain these rates we may require additional billings for additional services that are not part of your daily residual waste.

  • You may use garbage cans or trash bags for your trash pickup. We offer a toter package in most areas to make it easier for you to get your trash and recyclables to the curb. We will provide you with the toter free of charge while you have service if you choose this package.
  • Put your trash out the night before your scheduled pick up day. Our work day starts very early and we don’t always follow the same driving pattern, so putting your trash out the night before assures we get you picked up.
  • Please make sure your trash is where our crew can easily see it. Don’t place behind trees, cars or bushes.
  • NO HOT ASHES! We will not take hot ashes. Once they are completely cool, place them in a bag and put them out with your usual trash.
  • Bulk or heavy items(over 35lbs) such as Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses require an additional cost. Please call in advance to arrange these items to be picked up. Payment for these items must be made prior to or at the time of pick up.
  • DEP Regulations prohibit us from taking any Hazardous Materials such as Paint, Oil, Chlorine, Antifreeze. If we see these items in your trash we will neatly remove them and place where your trash was set out for pick up. You can contact Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (717-867-5790) for disposal of these items. We cannot take TV’s, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners in our trucks. GLRA has drop off areas for these items.
  • Recycling goes out the same day as your trash. Please place your recycling in its own bin next to your trash, or in white bags separate from your trash. Windy days can make your recycles “catch some air”. Make sure they are weighted down or covered so they don’t get tossed all over your yard.
  • Yard Waste such as grass clippings will be picked up in moderation (1-2 bags weekly NOT TO EXCEED 35LBS EACH). Grass Clippings must be bagged, or they will be left behind! DRY Bagged leaves and small bundles of twigs or sticks will be picked up in moderation (1-2 bags per week).  Please call us in advance prior to having large quantities of any yard waste out for pick up. We have Yard waste tags to purchase for $2.00 each if you plan on putting more then the 2 allowed bags out in any given week. Most townships have a drop off location for your yard waste, so please check with them prior to placing these items out for trash pick up.
  • Construction materials such as 2×4’s, drywall and carpet will most likely require additional billing. Please call us in advance if you have these items to be picked up to see if additional billing is required. We cannot take concrete in our rear load trucks.

· Have questions??? We’re here for you! Give us a call and we will assist you with a service that fits your needs. 717-892-8128