Holiday Schedule

Holidays can change your pick up days, so to help keep you on track as to when this might happen, here is an easy guide to help you remember if your pick up is different than usual. Observed holidays are listed below.

If the holiday falls on or before your pick-up day, your scheduled pick-up day will be adjusted by one day.  Example:  If your usual pick up is on Tuesday, then you will get picked up on Wednesday,  Friday pick ups will be picked up on Saturday.

If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday your pick-up schedule will not be affected.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. 717-892-8128



Upcoming 2023 Holidays

New Years Day Sunday 1/1/2023 – NO CHANGES THIS WEEK

Memorial Day: Monday 5/29/23 (1 day later all week)

Independence Day : Tuesday 7/4/23 (1 day later for Tuesday – Friday)

Labor Day : Monday 9/4/23 (1 day later all week)

Thanksgiving Day : Thursday 11/23/23 ( Thursday and Friday 1 day later)

Christmas Day : Monday 12/25/23 – (1 day later all week)